Leos in Dalby – Q3 Convention 2017


As promised, the Q3 District Convention in Dalby was an absolute blast.
Leos from Brisbane set off on the long road trip to Dalby on Friday. After many laughs, Maccas stopovers and lovely views of the countryside, we all arrived at Dalby’s Our Lady of the Southern Cross school. We were greeted by all the Lions, Lionesses and guests of Lions at the Friday dinner, and ate the delicious food that was provided to us.
During the opening ceremony, Leo Emily read out the Leo Objects, we watched the Flag Ceremony, and paid our respects to members of the Lions’ family who are now in higher service.
On Saturday, Traudi Krampl had generously offered to get kayaks for one of our activities, so after a bit of searching at the weir, we hopped in the kayaks. We had a lovely time out on the water (and many heated races).
We all gathered back at the school for the Leo Forum. Topics of discussion were Leo of the Year, the 2018 Queensland State Leo Conference, and a talk given by Grace Walker on how to answer interview questions. We ended with an ice-breaker game of throwing many balls around the room at once, to the detriment of everyone’s coordination.
In the afternoon, the Leos embarked on their scavenger hunt adventure. All Leos were incredibly grateful to all the work and effort that went into organising this hunt for them, and we all had an awesome time searching around Dalby and deciphering clues.
That night, the Leos attended the Gatsby Dinner. Everyone got dressed up and enjoyed the food, fireworks, and DJ that was firing up the dance floor. Many a nutbush later, some remaining Lions were very kind to drive us back to our accommodation.
On our final day in Dalby, we had the same idea as every other Lion – breakfast at Maccas. We then listened to various youth discussions and speeches, and a few of our own friends talk about youth and service. We were also very touched by a Youth In Search presentation, creating conversation on how we can further help the organisation.
After the closing ceremony, we all gathered to tally the points from the scavenger hunt. It was a draw between two teams, to the disappointment of the more competitive team.
Then we said our final goodbyes and drove back to Brisbane in the rainy weather.
Overall, the Leos had a wonderful time.
All the Leos that attended the District convention this year would like to thank District Governor Engelbert Krampl, Lion Traudi Krampl, the Lions Clubs of Cecil Plains and Dalby, everyone who helped organise the Leos’ activities, and clubs who sponsored Leos to go to Dalby this year.
Without all of you, our trip could not have been the great one it was.
-By Emily,
President of Ashgrove/ The Gap Leos Club, Secretary of QSLC.

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