Leos in Dalby – Blog #1

(Leos having a ball at the 2017 Queensland State Leo Conference)

Leos in Dalby – Blog #1

In just a few weeks’ time, the Leos of Brisbane (and beyond) will take the Q3 Dalby Convention by storm.
Leos, who are a youth service project of their sponsoring Lions Club, are incredibly important. Not only are they there to help and support their Lions, like the Lions do us, but they work hard to organise all their own service and fundraising activities, and have a lot of fun along the way.
For every Lions Club thinking of creating a Leo Club, not only does it give youth a chance to give back to the community, but helps to develop them into confident, cool people (after all, LEO stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity).
And we have great examples of this, from some very special Leos in our own district!
Grace Walker, who is the founder of Ashgrove/ The Gap Leo Club and Australian Leo of the Year for 2016-17, has just been awarded the International Leo of the Year award for 2017-18. She has also been on an international Youth Exchange, a leader at our own international camps, and is currently Secretary of her club.
We also have Jesse Pascoe, our current Australian Leo of the Year. He is also the Secretary of the Aspley Leo Club, assistant to the Q3 Leo Chairman, President of the Queensland State Leo Council, and Youth Representative on the MD201 Management Group. That’s a lot of titles!
These two are great examples of what Leos can achieve, like all the other Leos who make our District proud. And the only way to meet these Q3 Leos is to come to Dalby.
And in Dalby, Leos are going to have a blast.
We’ve got many awesome activities lined up for all the Leos that come, including a scavenger hunt, Gatsby night, interesting youth forums, and maybe even laser skirmish!
All the while, we get to discover Dalby, all the cool people who live and will visit there, and best of all, will meet Leos from all over the district.
This is very important to us – a lot of Leos in the Q3 District (and beyond) have become good friends through seeing each other, and travelling together, at conventions and conferences around Australia. Not only do you build your network of Leos that could lend your club a helping hand, but you also make a bunch of friends that make volunteering so fulfilling.
Need more convincing to come to Dalby with us? We have our own accommodation, and we basically have to road trip there, and who doesn’t like a good excuse for a road trip?
So if this convention seems like your thing, then come with us to Dalby. We guarantee you won’t be disapointed.
(And don’t forget to register before the 10th September for a discount on your costs!)
(From the 2017 Queensland State Leo Conference – if you want awesome experiences like this with us, then come along!)
See you there!
Emily Conn,
President of Ashgrove/ The Gap Leos Club, and Secretary of 2018 QSLC.

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